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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Sugar Land! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Sugar Land, TX. There are all kinds of dangers that having wildlife active in your property can bring, from diseases to the damage that they can cause by gnawing on electrical wires. If you are seeing signs of animal activity, then our team are here to talk to you whenever you discover the problem, and we can offer steps that you can take yourself, as well as arranging for one of our technicians to visit your property. Our experienced team will help to set your mind at ease, and can offer you a ballpark estimate by phone, or our technicians can provide a written estimate upon visiting the property. Gnawing animals such as squirrels, rats and mice can be a particular danger when they are in the attic of the property, so our technicians can offer a full repair service to fix any damage caused by the animals. We also seal any holes that they may have made around your property, and can also offer a full sanitization service, removing all feces and soiled materials, and disinfecting the area to keep you and your family safe. We also offer fast call-outs that will often be on the same day, so if you need reliable and efficient animal control, then we are the company to call. Call us now at 281-549-5124 for your Sugar Land wildlife control needs.

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Sugar Land Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: The Dangers of Texas Pigeons Feces That Everyone Should Know

According to the Sugar Land experts, the most dangerous health risks can be acquired from the organisms that can thrive in a place that is rich in nutrients such as the droppings of the pigeons. If you think that the feces of the pigeons will only create an unsightly mess, you will be surprised to know that it contains billions of microorganisms that can cause diseases. This is why you should immediately deal with your infestation in order to eliminate the risk of contracting these illnesses.

Types of Disease that You Can Acquire from Pigeons Feces

When you have Texas pigeons living in your Texas property, they will most probably poop on the roof. When it rains, the droppings will end up on the ground that will contaminate our soil. This increases the possibility that these droppings can enter your house. They can also find a nesting place within our property. The dried droppings inside our house will release the spores that can transmit diseases.


This is a type of infection that can be acquired form accidentally inhaling the fungal spores that you can find in the feces of the pigeons. While the possibility that an infection may occur will depend upon the amount of spores that you ingested, you still don’t want this present inside your house. The person infected with this disease can experience an array of unpleasant symptoms. It can even be more dangerous to individuals who have a weak immune system such as the senior citizens. The initial sign of infection will resemble the flu virus such as extreme fatigue, cough, fever, and headache.


Another type of fungal infection that you can acquire from the droppings of the Sugar Land pigeons would be Candidiasis. There are at least 20 types of yeasts that can cause this infection. The usual area infected with the yeast would be the throat and the mouth. Apart from that it can also affect the respiratory system, urogenital tract, skin, and intestines. 


Most fungal infection can be transmitted through the droppings of the pigeons. Compared to Candidiasis and Histoplasmosis, there is a lower chance of contracting this disease. The fungus can only survive in the subtropical and tropical areas. This can directly attack the host’s central nervous system and our lungs.


Psittacosis is also referred to as Parrot’s Fever. Aside from the Texas pigeon, other birds that can transmit this disease would be the parrot and other pet birds. You can contract his infection if you accidentally inhale the spores of the pigeon’s feces. Once you disturb the dried droppings of the bird, the fungus is too light that it will be carried through the air. This increases the possibility of inhaling the fungal spores. Some of the symptoms that you will experience will include fever, headache, and cough.

The droppings of the Sugar Land pigeons are not only gross but they pose a serious threat to your health. You will need to get rid of the pigeons in order to eliminate the risk to your safety and wellbeing.