Types of Damages Sugar Land Moles May Cause and What You Should Know!

While you were tending your Sugar Land garden, you discovered mounds of dirt that are around 2ft in terms of width. This may be a clear sign that an unwanted guest is establishing its home in your yard. The moles are creating tunnels that will lead to cracking especially on soft soil. Apart from the fact that this will make your lawn look unsightly, it may also cause considerable damages on your premises.

Different Damages That Are Related to Mole Infestation

The Texas moles will not commonly be spotted o the surface since they will spend most of their time in their tunnels. They can dig complicated and extensive tunnels that will help them in hunting earthworms and grubs. Unfortunately, this habit can lead to different issues.

It Can Damage the Root System of the Plants

The tunneling of the Sugar Land mole can disturb the root system of plant which can hamper the growth of the seedlings and small plants. They can also scrape away the dirt that is lodged on the root that will prevent the plant from drawing the nutrition that they need. They can cause a significant amount of damage on the freshly-seeded yard. It can be difficult to grow your grass. The mounds of dirt can encourage the growth of weeds.

Contamination and Infestation

Soil contamination can possibly lead to listereosis which is a deadly case of disease among Texas farm animals. Experts believed that a full-blown infestation can greatly reduce the overall yield by as much as 30%. Remember that earthworms that are part of the natural diet of moles can deliver a lot of benefits to our soil. They are essential for the fertilization, aeration, and the health of the soil. Also, uneven ridges can cause accidents and injury to our farm animals. 

Destroy Our Lawns

The digging activity of the mole can destroy the irrigation system of our lawn. Subsidence can occur gradually which will not only affect the beauty of our lawn but will also adversely impact its market value. It is also known that moles can destroy our sprinkler. They can demolish the underground waterlines and also ruin the sprinkler head. Moles can make our lawn appear unattractive. There will be weak spots that will be developed overtime and our grass will eventually turn brown. 

Invite Other Pests

The abandoned burrows of the Texas moles can be used by the other pests to survive. Voles and mice can utilize their tunnel to eat the root of the plants. Other creatures such as squirrels, skunks, and also snakes will love to live in the burrows of this creature. Apart from the pest, our pet can also continuously dig the tunnel of the moles that will greatly damage the landscape.

These are just some of the reasons why you need to manage the presence of the moles in your Sugar Land yard. Perhaps the most efficient way is to trap the mole. There are different traps that you can use but you should use the live traps. Be sure to constantly check the trap to make sure that the mole will remain alive.

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