Types of Materials that Texas Rodents can Chew Through

The teeth of the Sugar Land rodents are too hard that it can chew threw a variety of tough materials. The muscles found in the jaws of the rodents are connected to the eye socket that extends through the eyeballs, this makes their muscle powerful enough to sink on durable materials. You might notice that the eyes of the rodents are vibrating when they chew their food. This is often an indication of contentment and pleasure.

Surprising Things that Rodents can Chew Through

Rodents will chew anything that is softer than their tooth. According to the Mohs Scale, the toughness of the rat’s teeth is about 5.5. This means that their teeth are harder compared to the iron. It should be noted that the hardness of the human tooth is only at 5. This enables the rats to chew through almost anything that people are using to keep them outside their house.

Type of Materials Vulnerable against Texas Rodents

When we consider the hardness of the rodent’s teeth, this means that they can chew through plastic, wood, bricks, lead, cinder, aluminum, asbestos, and even cement. The strong and formidable tooth is not the only trait that they possess to help them survive in the urban areas. Rodents can fall at an average of 50ft and they will not acquire any injury. They can also swim continuously for 3 days and their breeding capacity is astounding. With these superpowers, you might think that it is impossible to keep them out. Fortunately, there are still materials that they can’t chew through.

Materials that Sugar Land Rodents Can’t Chew Through

In case you observe the teeth of the Texas rats, you will realize that they have an inward curve that restrict their chewing ability.  Any flat surface would be difficult for them to gnaw. In order to keep them out of our house, you will need to have preventative measure indoors and outdoors. Here are some ways to rodent-proof your house.

    Look for the possible entry points of the rodents and fix them using a combination of patching compound and copper gauze.

    Apply thick concrete, hardware cloth, brick, and sheet metal for the larger cracks and gaps.

    Make sure that your Texas house is properly cleaned, and the foods need to be stored in a secured container.

    Regularly check your drain and your pipes and check if there are leaks.

When you are looking for a material to fix the holes, be sure that you will choose something that the Sugar Land rodents cannot chew. Most of the common sealants today will not make your house rodent-proof. Most rodents are agile, and they can enter small openings. Once they chew through our upholstery, insulation, and wiring, the damages that they can create can be costly. Asking the help of the professional rodent removal would help you in preventing the infestation of the rodent in your house. They can determine the right material to use that will be safe from the strong teeth of the rodents.

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